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A composition of courage, perseverance, and victory.

Everyone struggles with something. Trials are inherent to life, difficulties that can be visible to others. Sometimes, the hardship is a silent suffering. An internal pain. Each of us wage personal wars in physical, spiritual, and emotional realms. And at times, we require support to make it through.

TRIUMPH is an instrumental piece arranged and orchestrated by Mendy Hershkowitz that represents hope and empowerment. It calls upon listeners and guides them on a journey to access their innate inner strength. This song was created to remind us that, no matter what difficulties we are experiencing, we have untapped abilities within that allow us to triumph every single day and that we are doing our best with the tools we have.

I encourage listeners to embrace a message of self-love and acceptance in their hearts as they are led through the melody.

Because everyone, in essence, is triumphant.