[Sarah’s] music is melodic, graceful, and very expressive…it communicates from one heart to another.”

Kathy Parsons, 

Life Sometimes, from creator Sarah Dukes, is one of those albums that when you press play, time becomes irrelevant, it’s a release that is so well constructed…you will feel musically fulfilled on its conclusion.”

Steve Sheppard, One World Music

The music of Sarah Dukes is a genuine reflection of Sarah’s dedication to the discipline of composition. Her joyous, yet technical and respectful approach to the piano provides an attractive mix of what piano composition is all about. She is a bright light in the world of solo piano music.”

Matthew Mayer, Owner/Founder 

Sarah’s album, Finding Forever, is one of the best of its genre anywhere!”

Tzvi Freeman, author and lecturer

I love to collaborate with Sarah Dukes and perform her music. Her compositions and her musicianship are a true inspiration.”

Yaron Gershovsky, pianist, composer, and musical director of The Manhattan Transfer