“Your talent is G-d’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to G-d.” Leo Buscaglia

To my Dearest Family, Friends, and Friends Whom I have Not Yet Met,

Thank you so much for believing in me and my music. It is because of your positive words and encouragement that the process of making this CD not only began, but was also completed.

We are taught that one’s biggest enemy is ‘perfection’. We try to be perfect and aim to produce perfect results- whether it is in one’s talents, skills, hobbies, or work, and too often we self-criticize, or perhaps even give up.

However, because of your support and words of encouragement, I have learned that it is not necessarily perfection that others want, but rather genuineness and sincerity. Thank you for helping me avoid falling into this trap of striving for perfection, and for helping me understand that it is specifically those imperfections that make something unique, different, and beautiful.

It is said that “Words from the heart enter the heart.” Thank you for recognizing that my music comes from the heart, and thank you for allowing it to it enter yours.

This CD is for you.


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