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One: Orchestrated Version

Release Date: October 14, 2014
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This powerful orchestral piece was originally written as a piano solo, which can be heard on Dukes’ newly released CD, Life Sometimes. One was composed in honor of Leiby Kletzky, a young boy who was kidnapped and murdered on his way home from day camp. His disappearance brought the communities around the world together, as all prayed for his safety and mourned his tragic death. Dukes was inspired to compose One after seeing thousands mobilize to help the family search for their beloved son.

Dukes shares:

This song is about one boy, a boy whom we all loved but never met.

It is about the effect that this one, young, innocent child had on the entire world: he united a nation. He proved that we can work together as one, and showed us that we ARE one. He taught us that we can have pure, baseless love- even towards someone we have never met. He taught us the power of one: of one individual, of one people, of one heart. His name was Leiby.

Let’s continue to live Leiby’s lesson. Let’s be there to help one man, one woman, one child one soul. Let’s have baseless love towards a complete stranger. We can do it. Leiby showed us that we can.

With Yaron Gershovsky’s beautiful performance on the piano, and Ben Goldberg’s outstanding orchestration, One: Orchestrated Version is one of Dukes’ most impressionable songs.